We provide custom Blockchain training for developers, business decision makers and legislators.

The training could be beneficial for individuals, groups or institutions who:

  • work in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry and need to know more about it.
  • already started trading cryptocurrencies and like to go deeper.
  • want to legislate Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • want to start a business relating to blockchain or cryptocurrency.
  • want to run blockchain related courses.

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We can help your business make critical decisions relating to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

  • We can provide advice on launching ICOs.
  • We can write and audit Ethereum Smart Contracts.
  • We can help you to migrate your infrastructure to the Blockchain.
  • We can provide unbias review of your existing blockchain infrastructure.

Custodial Wallet Solution

If you are holding a lot of crypto assets, you will need a way to store all your assets securely. We provide a full end to end solution to help you create and manage your wallet securely, ie cryptlock.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Onboarding

  • We help you to create your personal wallet securely.
  • We help you to create hot, cold and multisig wallets securely.

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Custom Blockchain Development

  • We write and audit Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • We build custom DAPPs
  • We create custom Blockchains