Building a Better World with Blockchain

We help government, companies and individuals to adapt to the Blockchain revolution by providing quality Blockchain development services and education.

About Us

We are an Australian based company looking to promote worldwide blockchain adoption and help everyone to adapt to the technological change. We are a group of experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space since 2012 and have many years of experience in software development.

For us, your success is ours.




We provide custom Blockchain training for developers, business decision makers and legislators.

We provide customised Blockchain training for people who:

  • Work in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry and need to know more about it.
  • Already started trading cryptocurrencies and like to go deeper.
  • Want to legislate Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Want to start a business relating to blockchain or cryptocurrency.


We can help your business make critical decisions relating to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

  • We provide advice on launching ICOs.
  • We provide advice on how to use Blockchain for business.
  • We provide unbias review of your existing blockchain infrastructure.


We develop Blockchain solutions and write Smart Contracts. We help turn your Blockchain idea into reality.

  • We can write and audit Ethereum Smart Contracts.
  • We can help you to develop your own private or public Blockchain.
  • We can help you to migrate your infrastructure to the Blockchain.


  • Whale Tech has provided enormous help in the launch of our ICO and assisting us in many aspects of building our cryptocurrency exchange. They have been with us from the beginning and we look forward to continuing our success with them.

    David Sapper Chief Operations Officer

Our Team

  • Bernard Peh
    Bernard Peh Chief Executive Officer

    “Blockchain should be a compulsory subject in all schools. Embrace it or be made redundant.”

  • Richard Graber
    Richard Graber Chief Strategy Officer

    “Blockchain will be fundamental to future IT business solutions.”