We run blockchain and cryptocurrency courses/workshops for developers and business professionals. All our courses are conducted face to face in a classroom instructor-led environment. We believe that interaction and hands-on practice are essential for participants to gain the most out from the sessions.

We are neither academics nor marketeers. We are experienced software developers and business professionals with real Blockchain commercial experience. You will not get sales pitch from us but only critical Blockchain knowledge and honest tips.

Our workshop is suitable for people who:

  • work in the Blockchain or cryptocurrency industry and need to know more it.
  • already started trading cryptocurrencies and like to know how things work in the background.
  • want to legislate Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • are researching into disruptive technologies.
  • want to start a business relating to Blockchain or cryptocurrency.
  • are hardcore developers and want to dwell into the inner workings of the Blockchain.

Feel free to contact us if you have any custom requirements.