Duration: 2 hrs

Everyone should have heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency by now but the technical barrier on how to use it securely and the unknowns when dealing with it is still putting the general public off. The fact is that cryptocurrency is only going to be more popular. At the time of writing (Dec 2017), Brisbane airport retailers are already accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

The technology that powers Bitcoin is the BlockchainLet’s face it, Blockchain technology is technical. If you want to work with it, there is no easy way out except to dive into it. It’s time to educate yourself and use the technology early.

This workshop is a quick technical but not too technical dive into how the Blockchain operates, focusing on the Bitcoin and Ethereum chain.

Target audience:

This workshop is suitable for people who:

  • work in the Blockchain or cryptocurrency industry and need to know more it.
  • already started trading cryptocurrencies and like to know how things work in the background.
  • want to legislate Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • are researching into disruptive technologies.
  • want to start a business relating to Blockchain or cryptocurrency.


  • Understand the basics of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Understand what crypto mining is.
  • Blockchain scaling problem and possible solution.
  • Know the different types of crypto wallet.
  • Know the differences between Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges.
  • Know the differences between Soft Fork and Hard Fork.
  • Basic security knowledge when handling cryptocurrencies.
  • Segwit and Segwit2x.
  • Handling stuck bitcoin transactions.
  • Bitcoin transaction acceleration explained.
  • Understand the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  • Understand what an ERC20 token is.
  • Understand what an ICO is.

What to bring:

  • An open and inquisitive mind.
  • A device that can connect to wifi and browse the internet.
  • Writing materials.

Training materials:

  • Course notes.


  • The content provided in this workshop is not meant to be financial or investment advice.
  • The workshop is designed for crypto enthusiasts, developers or professionals wanting to know the mechanics of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Technical information will be provided but explained in layman’s term. Participants who want to dwell a lot deeper into the technical details of Blockchain should look out for our advance Blockchain courses instead.

About the Trainer:

Bernard Peh is a software architect with 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He is also the founder of Whale Tech and a Blockchain consultant. He bought his first bitcoin in 2011 and is still actively involved in mining, crypto trading and writing Smart Contracts.

Workshop outline:

1. The Blockchain

  • What is Blockchain?
  • What are the benefits of using the Blockchain?
  • Blockchain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0?
  • What is inside a bitcoin transaction?
  • Q and A

2. Cryptocurrency

  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • Go to coinmarketcap, what are the top 3 cryptocurrencies.
  • Q and A

3. Getting cryptocurrencies

  • How do you get cryptocurrencies?
  • Q and A

4. Crypto Mining

  • What is crypto mining?
  • The role of a miner.
  • How does the miner prioritise which transaction to be included in a block if there are too many of them?
  • Check out the latest blocks mined at https://blockchain.info/blocks
  • What is the benefit of being a miner.
  • Q and A

5. Blockchain Scaling Problem and Solution

  • What is the Blockchain scaling problem?
  • How does off-chain solution work? (Just 2 on-chain touch points needed between 2 parties)
  • Q and A

6. Crypto Wallets

  • What is a crypto wallet?
  • Different types of crypto wallet.
  • The pros and cons of each types of wallet.
  • Q and A

7. Centralised VS Decentralised Exchanges

  • What is a crypto exchange?
  • Pros and cons of Centralised exchanges.
  • Pros and cons of Decentralised exchanges.
  • Check out the popular exchanges from coinmarketcap.
  • Q and A

8. Checklist for Creating Online Accounts

  • Steps to take to ensure your online account is secure.
  • Q and A

9. Soft Fork vs Hard Fork

  • Soft Fork as an “I” and Hard fork as a “Y”
  • Q and A

10. Segwit and Segwit2x.

11. Handling Stuck Bitcoin Transactions

12. Bitcoin Transaction Acceleration Explained

13. The Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • What is the EVM?
  • Q and A

14. Ethereum Transaction Fee

  • Whats the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum tx fee?
  • How to calculate Ethereum transaction fee?
  • Go to etherscan.io and inspect any block. What is the gas limit at the moment?
  • Q and A

15. Handling Stuck (pending) Ethereum Transactions

  • Stuck Ethereum transactions and how to accelerate them.
  • Q and A

16. Ethereum ERC20 Tokens

  • What is an ERC20 Token?
  • How many ERC20 tokens can you find in CMC?
  • Q and A

17. ICO

  • What is an ICO?
  • How many ways to run an ICO?
  • How to avoid ICO scam?
  • What is wrong with this ICO?
  • “After much waiting, The Bee Token is proud to announce that our crowdsale is NOW OPEN! You used this address to register to our newsletter so we thought we’d give you some instructions on how to participate… To celebrate our NEW partnership with Microsoft thought we’d give you a 100% BONUS on all tokens sent within the next 6 hours. We guarantee that The Bee Token will double in value within 2 months or we’ll give you your Ethereum back! Our Ethereum ICO address is: 0x2A6D8021861f27aB992572D8689017b7A83C989D”
  • Compare the scammed Bee Token ICO address to this valid Blockbid crowdsale address.
  • Q and A

18. Conclusion

If you are holding any cryptocurrencies, we strongly recommend you to store them in the Trezor hardware wallet.