We build Blockchain Capabilities in your Organisation

GIVE A MAN a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his life time.

You have been reading around and heard a lot about how Blockchain is going to disrupt all industries in the future. You know your business needs to adapt to the Blockchain revolution. Following the traditional way, you started looking for Blockchain leaders and developers to join your company. You searched high and low, from advertising in Linkedin, Job Search Engines to delegating this important task to expensive Head Hunters and still didn’t get fruitful results. Some candidates asked for ridiculous salaries while most of them are just salesman with little technical knowledge.

So where are all the Blockchain Experts? Where can we find trusted experts in this industry?

Bitcoin is only 10 years old and Ethereum/Hyperledger is less than 5 years old. Experts in these fields are early adopters and there aren’t a lot given the controversy of the technology and bad media coverage (Cryptocurrencies in particular) in the early years. Many government and institutions are just opening up to this technology and forming regulations around it. The technological hype is very real but the adoption is still slow given the lack of developers and sticky technical problems surrounding the Blockchain. Global Blockchain adoption will grow exponentially really soon with more technological breakthroughs coming. If you are reading this page now, it means that you are still the pioneer in this space. Congratulations.

Here is the challenge:

  • Why bother looking for the rare Blockchain experts or outsource Blockchain development to companies or people that you don’t know or trust? If you are dealing with crypto assets, you want to work with real people with strong credentials.
  • How do you guarantee that the rare Blockchain experts you employed won’t jump ship in critical moment to another company for higher pay, bringing all the intellectual property with them?
  • How can you ensure redundancy in your Lead Blockchain expert position? Decentralisation is not only important in the Blockchain but also in the real life.
  • Why commit so much money by employing new Blockchain employees when you don’t know whether your Blockchain ideas would work out or not?
  • How do you know that the people or companies helping you in this space are putting your interest first and not wanting to scam or engage you in their black hat marketing tactics?

That’s right. Your trusted Blockchain experts can be inhouse, already sitting next to you everyday. You don’t have to look for an expert because we can train them to become one.

We are Blockchain experts with proven commercial Blockchain development and training experience. We are constantly connected to the ground and can help you build your Blockchain team, upskill your existing employees and provide mentoring for your internal projects.

We provide:

  • a 2 weeks intensive course for Business executives.
  • a 4 weeks intensive course for Blockchain Developers.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with companies and people in this space.
  • Exclusive newsletter subscription to keep you updated of the latest development in the market.

Embrace Blockchain or be made redundant

In our opinion, every future-proof organisations will need to have everyone in every department equipped with Blockchain knowledge in order to perform their role effectively. It should be made a compulsory subject in schools. Let us start our education early.

Let’s have a chat if you any queries regarding Cryptocurrencies or Blockchain. You have nothing to lose.